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Our Curator writes for South County News!


Who Was Here Before Us? By Maggie Snyder for Vicksburg Historical Society The restless feet of generations of the Miami, Potawatomi, Ottawa, and Chippewa Indians trod along the valleys of the Kalamazoo and St. Joseph Rivers long before the first white settlers arrived. However, all the land they occupied in southwestern Michigan became legally owned by the Federal government when the Treaty of Chicago was signed in 1821. The Native American were moved to five reservations, one of which, the Nottawaseppi, included the land where Vicksburg is now located. The Nottawaseppi reservation embraced one hundred and fifteen sections of government survey, [...]

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Pumpkin Decorating Returns!


Kids 5-12 are invited to take participate in this wonderful contest typically held at the Harvest Fest. This year there are 12 prizes up for grabs from Apple Knockers and the Vicksburg Cultural Arts Center. Visit vickburghistory.org/pumpkins/ for rules and entry.    

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Letter from the Board President


July 1, 2020 is the beginning of your Historical Societies three-year agreement with the Village of Vicksburg.  This agreement meets the requirements of both parties by detailing the duties and responsibilities of the village and your society.  Your Historical Society Board is using this agreement as a “springboard” to refine existing programs and events and to meet the historical requirements of the community.  We will become a human-centered museum instead of an object-centered museum.  The Vicksburg Historical Society will, as in the past, collect, store, exhibit and make available for historical studies the family articles in our collections.  Your Historical Society [...]

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Speaker Series Returns!


On July 26th we recorded the first of this year's Speaker Series. The Historical Society is delighted to begin publishing each month's speaker on our website, safely expanding the audience for each talk. Our first speaker is no stranger to the Vicksburg Historical Society. Warren Lawrence gave a firsthand account of his experience as a captain with the National Guard during the 1967 Detroit riot. Check out Warren's talk and look for future speakers here

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Two new board members!


Vicksburg Historical Society 2020 Board Members (from left): Joe Castleberry, Ryan Wagner, Ken Blough, Tamra Stafford, Charlie Church, Sue Moore, Don Wiertella, Dana Wagner Joe Castleberry (far left)  and his family recently bought a house in the village. He grew up in Kalamazoo, but had been visiting Vicksburg since he was a kid to see his grandparents. Joe has always had an interest in the history of Vicksburg and  joined the board because he wanted to become more involved in the community. Tamra Stafford (center)  has lived here her whole life and wants to contribute to her community.  She has backgrounds in [...]

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Letter from the Board President


Greetings and high New Year hopes for a prosperous and safe 2020 to you, the members and supporters of the Vicksburg Historical Society.  Changes to the operation and focus of the Historical Society are a top priority for the Board of Directors for 2020 and beyond.  This change is required for two reasons.  The first is the completion and adoption of a new operating agreement between the Historic Society and the Village of Vicksburg.  Second, is to expand the operation, and focus, of the Historical Society to better serve our members, our supporters and the citizens of Vicksburg and the [...]

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History Day 2020


Winners from last year's history day. Modeled off the National History Day Program, the Vicksburg Historical Society is organizing the second annual Vicksburg History Day. This is an exciting opportunity for Vicksburg students, now expanded to grades 3rd – 12th, to connect with history and practice skills related to research and critical thinking. Interested students, either individuals or groups up to four, conduct in-depth research on the 2020 topic: "Breaking Barriers in History", in the format of a presentation or project. Under the direction of their participating teacher-supporter, students will work on their project through the next several months [...]

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