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Vicksburg Depot Museum

Make history come alive as a volunteer for the Historic Village. Learn about opportunities, Village history, and take a tour of the buildings. We need people to recreate a working Village in period dress including a farmer teacher, blacksmith, conductor, print shop operator, ticket master, store clerks, and mayor. Volunteers are needed for the office, gardening,  events, collections, exhibits, tours, and more. Join us and explore how you can get involved!

If interested in volunteering please call (269) 649-1733 or complete the form shown below


We need a person/couple to manage each of the buildings in the Historic Village to recreate a working 1880s historic village. The building should be open and active at least three times per week. The responsibilities would include: schedule docents; obtain scripts and training from Curator;  plan new exhibits with Society; setup for workshops/classes/events; generate ideas for school programs; schedule docent demonstrations during the day; clean building; and submit requests for repairs as needed.


During the summer and other times we need docents that can do tours, discuss exhibits, assist with events, and re-enact scripted presentations of the buildings in period dress.



We are looking for individuals and groups to demonstrate 1880-1920s period skills, crafts or art at one of the Historic Village buildings and  in period costumes during the days and weekends. Ideas include blacksmithing, basket weaving, small engine repair, woodworking, pottery, cooking, gardening, horse grooming, printmaking, calligraphy, candy making, herb growing, quilting, fishing, snowshoeing, antiques, food canning, candle making, dance, camping basics,  lumberjack skills and other ideas are welcome.


Join  a team that helps with construction projects and repairs for the Historic Village. No special skills are needed, just a desire to have some fun with the people who take on the renovation projects in and around the historic buildings.

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