General Store/Sweet Shop

Our Love Affair with All Things Sweet

We each have our own childhood memories of the local sweet shop, whether those memories take us to Vicksburg, Fulton, or Scotts.

This representation of the sweet shops we’ve all loved pays special tribute to Doris and Leland Weick. They operated Doris-Lee’s Sweet Shop, once located at 103 East Prairie St., from 1944 unil 1993. Doris and Lee purchased Herman Faust’s combination newsstand, candy and cigar store in 1944.

They made their own ice cream, and had one of the best bulk candy counters in town. Vicksburg’s love affair with ice cream may well have started with Robert Baker’s drug store (pictured left) in the late 1880’s, as that’s when it first became commonly available to the general public.

But we don’t know for sure. We do know, however, that before mechanical refrigeration became common, making ice cream in any quantity required lots of ice, something Vicksburg had in abundance, thanks to Sunset Lake.

Popular Places Satisfying Our Sweet Tooth in Recent Years

  • Pete Matz’s Soda Fountain (Ice cream and homemade candy) Vicksburg, 104 South Main; 1922 to 1957;*
  • Sherman’s Lunch and Ice Cream, Fulton Hill’s Drug Store (soda fountain), Vicksburg, 108 South Main, 1945 to present;
  • Klein’s Drug Store (soda fountain), Vicksburg, West Prairie Street, early 1960s to 1980;*
  • Vicksburg Malt Shop, Vicksburg, 106 South Main, 1986 to ?
  • The Brass Ring (soda fountain), Vicksburg, 103 East Prairie, 1993 to 2000
  • Weeks & Brumbaugh (bulk candy), Vicksburg, 106 South Main, 1946 to 1981
  • Ken’s Variety Store (bulk candy), Vicksburg, 112 South Main, 1955 – 1966*
  • Scooter’s Malt Shop (soda fountain), Scotts

* Denotes business was at more than one location

Pete & Joe Matz at Matz’s Store

Joe Making Pecan Rolls