Our Most Recent Project

The Vicksburg Historical Society’s new project, Historic Footprints, is identifying local buildings and sites of historic significance, then marking each with a bronzed plaque outlining its role in the community.  A plaque describing the history of each is mounted on the building or other structure to mark the location.

If you are interested in donating funds to support a specific plaque, or the project in general, please let us know below!

Historic Plaques

Installed Plaques

All the other plaques are looking for sponsors at $700 each, with the exception of the GR&I/C&GT Depot & Historic Village which is $2,500.

  • McElvain Hotel
  • Smalley Building Block (Old Firehouse)
  • “Old El” 1906
  • Prudential Nursery 1898
  • Raynor-Kimble Building (Vix first Store- Boer’s)
  • United Methodist Church 1870
  • John Long’s Drug Store 1875 (Hill’s Pharmacy)
  • Stofflet Block (Oswalt Park)
  • Joy Building
  • Hill’s Grocery
  • GAR Cemetery Monument 1872
  • Oman Block
  • Former Rawlinson Building
  • Dancer’s
  • EUB Church 1887
  • Congregational Church 1882
  • St. Edward’s Catholic Church 1906
  • First Hospital 1887/Franklin Hospital
  • Lee Paper Company 1904
  • Godshalk Ice House
  • Governor Works 1899
  • Power Plant
  • Fanny Bair Library
  • GR&I/C&GT Depot and Historic Village
  • Opera House

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