Winners from last year’s history day.

Modeled off the National History Day Program, the Vicksburg Historical Society is organizing the second annual Vicksburg History Day. This is an exciting opportunity for Vicksburg students, now expanded to grades 3rd – 12th, to connect with history and practice skills related to research and critical thinking. Interested students, either individuals or groups up to four, conduct in-depth research on the 2020 topic: “Breaking Barriers in History”, in the format of a presentation or project. Under the direction of their participating teacher-supporter, students will work on their project through the next several months and prepare for the Vicksburg History Day, a competition held at the Vicksburg Historical Society on Saturday, May 16. A panel of judges will score and give feedback on the presentations and projects, to help students learn and improve their skills. Students, along with their family and friends, will attend an awards ceremony and celebration immediately following the competition, which also coincides with the Historic Village opening weekend and the May Meander (May 16th).

-Board Member Dana Wagner