July 1, 2020 is the beginning of your Historical Societies three-year agreement with the Village of Vicksburg.  This agreement meets the requirements of both parties by detailing the duties and responsibilities of the village and your society.  Your Historical Society Board is using this agreement as a “springboard” to refine existing programs and events and to meet the historical requirements of the community.  We will become a human-centered museum instead of an object-centered museum.  The Vicksburg Historical Society will, as in the past, collect, store, exhibit and make available for historical studies the family articles in our collections.  Your Historical Society will increase our availability and presence to, and for, the people in the Greater Vicksburg Community.  We hope that you will take this into consideration and be part of your societies new direction by renewing your membership.

The Vicksburg Historical Society has instituted a Rolling Membership billing process.  Our membership list has been divided into twelve separate billing lists corresponding to the twelve months in the year.  For example, if your Rolling Membership renewal month is July of 2020 your membership is valid for one year and ends in July of 2021.  You will receive your membership renewal request in July of 2021.  If you wish to have your name removed from our mailing list, please email Don Wiertella at donwiertella@aol.com and request that your name be removed.

Your Vicksburg Historical Society is making plans to reopen soon.  Based on State requirements, and other safety considerations, we have worked on a Safety Plan that will allow the buildings and exhibits to be open to the public, with an opening date of Saturday, July 25th.  Note, under specific guidelines, and with advanced reservations, we can allow individuals the ability to review, and study, the historic documents in our collections. The contact person is Ms. Maggie Snyder and she can be contacted at creekside2us@yahoo.com.

The Historical Society is recruiting persons to serve as members of the Board of Directors.  We are searching for persons with an interest in preserving local history and a willingness to promote, and participate, in the society’s programs and events.  If you are interested in becoming a member of the Board of Directors please contact me at donwiertella@aol.com.

Your Vicksburg Historical Society wishes a safe Summer to you and your family.  We thank all of our members and supporters.  You are the folks that make, and keep, your Historical Society a viable part of the Vicksburg Community.

Don Wiertella, Board President