Greetings and high New Year hopes for a prosperous and safe 2020 to you, the members and supporters of the Vicksburg Historical Society.  Changes to the operation and focus of the Historical Society are a top priority for the Board of Directors for 2020 and beyond.  This change is required for two reasons.  The first is the completion and adoption of a new operating agreement between the Historic Society and the Village of Vicksburg.  Second, is to expand the operation, and focus, of the Historical Society to better serve our members, our supporters and the citizens of Vicksburg and the South County area.  We want to make the Historic Village an activity area and destination location for the community.  To further expand our future plans, I offer the following two quotes:
The first is from our Director Brian Berheide: “The Board of Directors realizes that in order to serve the residents of Vicksburg and Southwest Michigan, we must strive to provide more high-quality experiences, services, and programs.  As Vicksburg changes, we must not only observe and record, but be active participants.”
The second is from board member Ryan Wagner: “…. We understand that times change and we must adapt as well.  Our objective is to continue to deliver our mission in a sustainable and effective manner….”
The Historical Society will continue to provide and upgrade existing programs.  We are reviewing new activities and programs that will expand our services to the community and enhance the attractions for the Historic Village.  Your board is actively developing short-term and long-term goals, membership growth, as well as members-only activities.  Our goal is financial security to fund our programs and activities and to provide status reports, through an upgraded website and other electronic means to our members and the community.  We honor your trust in our Board of Directors and in our future activities and goals.

Don Wiertella, Board President