An old fashioned farm house, barn, and other outbuildings

An old fashioned farm house, barn and other outbuildings were dedicated and open to the public in the spring of 2007.

These buildings are the backdrop for the presentation of early agricultural practices, as well as a glimpse into the everyday life of those living on the small family farms that once dominated the landscape of the greater Vicksburg area.

A history of both the local school FFA program and the area’s agricultural heritage are located in the barn.

They made their own ice cream, and had one of the best bulk candy counters in town. Vicksburg’s love affair with ice cream may well have started with Robert Baker’s drug store (pictured left) in the late 1880’s, as that’s when it first became commonly available to the general public.

But we don’t know for sure. We do know, however, that before mechanical refrigeration became common, making ice cream in any quantity required lots of ice, something Vicksburg had in abundance, thanks to Sunset Lake.