The Vicksburg Historical Society is preparing for the 2022 Christmas Card Lane and reaching out to current card owners and anyone who is interested in adding a card.

Below you’ll find the 2022 season’s guidelines. The society partners with the village to have a wonderful month of beautiful, lighted displays that wind through the Historic Village. We look forward to having another spectacular year!

All Christmas cards will be the property of the cardholder.

All Christmas cards will be stored on the property at the Vicksburg Historic District.

It will be the discretion of the Vicksburg Historical Society to determine if a card is suitable for display or not.

If a Christmas card is deemed unsuitable for display, the Vicksburg Historical Society will contact the owner of the Christmas card and make further arrangements.

All Christmas cards will be installed and taken down by the Village of Vicksburg DPW department with a Vicksburg Historical Society member present.

The cards will be on display for the month of December at the Historic Village.  There is a fee of $25 to help cover the cost of storage and set up fees by the Historical Society. It is suggested that payments be made through our website under the donate tab.  A note should be made along with payment that payment is for Christmas Card Lane.  Fees are due by December 1 to ensure your Christmas Card will be displayed.

If you wish to participate, and purchase an alumalite sign from the Sign Shop please contact Troy Shields at 269-345-7744.  Troy can also help with designing your card if you so choose with an additional fee.  You can also send him camera ready artwork to be produced by Troy at the Sign Shop.

We request that you have your printable ready art work to the Sign Shop by November 20.  The Sign Shop will fabricate all signs and deliver them in-mass to the Historic village.  I suggest that you contact Troy Shields with the Sign Shop at 269-345-7744 for more detailed information.  Thank you.

You may also choose to design your own Christmas card.  You must use ½” thickness and it must be 4” x 8” plywood.  If you design your own Christmas card or have it produced somewhere else other than the Sign Shop, you must have it delivered by the install date or it will not be displayed.

Sign set up:  Anticipated set up date is November 29 thru December 3 and the signs will be taken down shortly after Christmas.  All signs will be stored at the Vicksburg Historic Village to ensure prompt set up and take down each year.

Note that a plywood sign may last only two years.  We would prefer that you choose the Alumalite as it is lighter, easier to install and remove and will last a number of years.  If you produce your own sign using plywood you may only use ½” thickness and 4 x 8 plywood.  No others will be accepted as they just don’t hold up with the weather.