Vicksburg Historical Society 2020 Board Members (from left): Joe Castleberry, Ryan Wagner, Ken Blough, Tamra Stafford, Charlie Church, Sue Moore, Don Wiertella, Dana Wagner

Joe Castleberry (far left)  and his family recently bought a house in the village. He grew up in Kalamazoo, but had been visiting Vicksburg since he was a kid to see his grandparents. Joe has always had an interest in the history of Vicksburg and  joined the board because he wanted to become more involved in the community.

Tamra Stafford (center)  has lived here her whole life and wants to contribute to her community.  She has backgrounds in membership and Human Resources, as well as volunteer management. She is keen on using her skills and passion to help attract new members to the VHS and add value to all of its members with new and exciting events in our beautiful community.